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I am pissed off because Laci Green, one of the most promising young content creators on YouTube, has been forced off the Internet by death threats—apparently driven by her casual use of the word “tranny” in a video she made more than three years ago. (She apologized…

Anonymous asked
where do you get reduced chocolate bark? what is it?

This is almond bark and it can be found at a lot of candy stores or places like whole foods (and reduced fat too). Really though, I’ve made it with Hershey’s dark chocolate or whatever I have around. The closer to milk chocolate you use, the higher the calories and sweeter it would be.

Anonymous asked
This is the first time I've had to do this. You posted a photo that I took on the Appalachian trail without crediting me. I'm not asking for remuneration just credit. Thanks Jeff. I'm over on flickr JeffMorg

I reblogged it from someone else but I think I fixed it? I don’t really know how to work tumblr, but you have my sincerest apologies. Holler if you want me to fix it or do something else. Great picture btw…it’s beautiful.

Anonymous asked
When you discuss binge eating, what do you consider a "binge?"

Could be anything from a full on binge (deliberately buying obscene quantities of food to eat) to a general overeating situation. Anything that you need help with really.